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Rowing Fitness & Bootcamp Classes

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Join us for our land-based rowing fitness class, starting January 8 - March 31, Mondays & Thursdays, from 5:30-7:30 p.m., at the Independence Boathouse at Riverview Park! This 11-week series will work on establishing basic rowing fitness and will prepare you for your first time in a boat during the Spring learn-to-row program.

This fitness class will be as easy or as hard as you make it, but a basic level of fitness is required. You should be able to do things like jog a 1/2 mile, swim 500m, or the equivalent if injuries prevent those activities. We don't require a physical, but please make sure, with the appropriate medical professionals, that land-based rowing is something that is healthy for your body to do at your current state.

Portions of our classes will take place outside, rain or shine, so come prepared with layers, athletic shoes and water to drink. 

No attendance required; come as often or as little as you like. 


$200 for the rowing fitness class;

$150 for Spring learn-to-row

$300 for both. 

We recommend signing up for both programs, as each is developed to build off the other. The Spring learn-to-row program is every Thursday from April through May.

Please see full schedule below for each program.


Questions? Email us at  

Sign up on our membership page or by selecting rowing fitness at the top of this page.

Class schedule and important dates: 

January 8: Rowing fitness class begins.

January 18: Welcome/get-to-know-you dinner at Gilgamesh Brewing, 5:30 pm- attendance strongly encouraged. 

March 31: Last day of rowing fitness class - congrats, you made it!

April 4: Swim test at Dallas Aquatic Center

April 11: First day of Learn-to-row, welcome! We will start the class by watching the required Rowing Safety video and get to know the parts of a boat. 

April 18 and 25: On-land boat skills

May: TBD

*Starting in April, Mondays are optional fitness days. You can come in and use the ergs while the rest of the team takes the boats out on the water. 

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