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Rowing Fitness & Bootcamp Classes

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

starts January 2nd

Join us Mondays & Thursdays 5:30-7:00 p.m.

for our land-based rowing training program at

Independence Boathouse!

This 10 week class series will work on fitness and prepare you for your first time in a boat and/or get you an incredibly intense workout for those looking to train for the national level competition.

Our winter workout series allows for a seasonal shift in how we row for fitness and technique, and accommodate varying levels of intensity.

Full program- $100 for the 10 week program 

Partial Program- $50 per calendar month 

We are not keeping attendance, so go at your own rate. We highly encourage you to motivate yourself into coming to all of them as it is a program that builds. The class will be as easy or as hard as you make it, but a basic level of fitness is required. You should be able to do things like jog a 1/2 mile, swim 500m, or the equivalent if injuries prevent those activities. We don't require a physical, but please make sure with the appropriate medical professionals, that land-based rowing is something that is healthy for your body to do at your current state.

This class is lead by rowers who like to practice outside, so portions of our classes will take place outside, rain or shine, so come prepared with layers and athletic shoes. Water will also be required. We are not sure if there are drinking fountains onsite or not.

The class offers an opportunity to join the awesome mid-willamette valley group of rowers without getting cold or wet. After we hook you with the fitness classes, we would love you to join our lesson program, and then join the team. In fact, the fees you pay for the class are transferrable to membership fees later in the year if you decide to join us on the water.


Please e-mail us with questions at 

or sign up on our membership page or through the button below select rowing fitness. 

If you select the wrong monthly membership, it is fine, as you notice, this is the same price as our regular membership, so essentially, it is our winter option. If you decide to join the team on the water later in the year, the money you pay will count towards annual dues.

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