• Learn-to-Row
    Time TBD
    Riverview Park, Independence, OR 97351, USA
    Have you dreamed of gliding across the river in perfect unison with 8 other people, watching a blue heron scoop down to get its dinner, all while getting the best workout of your life? Then rowing is for you! No experience necessary.


Introduction to rowing. Glide across the Willamette with former college coaches. Get a feel for the boat then when you are deemed ready, you can join our recreational or competitive team.

Ready all... Row!

Riverview Park, Independence, OR.

We have changed our learn to row program. We think this will better prepare new rowers for joining the team than our old programs as they are more individualized. We are now offering private and semi-private lessons instead of the shorter group lessons.  No, you don't have to know the other people in your class, you just have to be available at the same time as each other and one of the coaches. Small groups will be taught in a boat called a double, and people will switch in and out. you will be told what time to arrive/leave. Larger classes are taught in a boat called a four.

$50/person  1 person - 75 min. full time in a double 

$30/person 2 people - 90 min. take turns in a double

$20/person 3 people - 120 min. take turns in a double

$15/person 4 people - 90 min. full time in a four

Corporate team building is also available. Rates are dependent on the size of the group but will be half day. 

In order to schedule lessons, please contact salemrowing@gmail.com or call 702-759-9206. Lessons are river level and weather dependent.

If this doesn't work for you or is too expensive, nearby Corvallis Rowing Club and Lake Oswego Rowing Club offer larger learn-to-row programs for a reduced price. After successful completion of those programs, you are welcome to join our team.

  • This class, or a similar class with another club, is one of the requirements for joining Salem Rowing Club.