We're a little different in a good way!

Membership with the Salem Rowing Club (SRC) is easy and very inexpensive compared to other rowing teams, especially compared to a gym membership.

A year membership is only $200. Coxswains that do not row have no membership fee. 

    >Attendance at practice is flexible, and works with your schedule as we believe in a             . 

      work/life/rowing balance unlike other teams with strict attendance policies, come when           you can from once a month to 3 times a week (additional practices are needed for the 

      fastest race boats)

    >Convienent evening practices (Only adult club in the state to do so)

    > We have members who live in Portland all the way down to Corvallis

    > Our stretch of river is incredibly scenic wildlife viewing is a weekly occurrence

All new team members must complete the following:

> Pass a swim test (100 meters swim & 15 minutes treading water) Swim Test Form

> Sign the annual US Rowing waivers Click here Team Athlete code is NAQD6 

> Fill out and sign the SRC membership form (see below)

> Take learn to row class with us or elsewhere, or have previous rowing experience

Click Here for more info on our Learn to Row Class

Email to get started right away! If we are slow to respond, please know you aren't forgotten. We are just volunteers, but you should receive a response closer to the dates of our learn to row program. Otherwise, please try us again!

1. Who Can Row


We welcome any experience level from total beginners to elite athletes. Our crew is beginning to grow again, so come join us. At this time we only have a program for adults 18 and older, but are looking to add juniors in the future. We currently have members ranging from their 20s to their 70s, from Salem to Dallas to Corvallis, men and women. There is room for everyone.

Participation in Salem Rowing Club activities requires signing the US Rowing waiver online, being in good physical health, and passing a swim test before you may begin participation. 

  • Membership
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    Sign up for annual Membership here

Download PDFs:

2. Benefits


Rowing is a total body and low-impact workout. Rowing is both aerobic and anaerobic, meaning it improves the cardiovascular system and also builds muscle strength. Most of a crews' power comes from the leg muscles as they push off the footstretchers and the upper body muscles build on that strength and send it through the oars for each stroke.


The Salem Rowing Club has a small fleet of rowing shells club members may use. We currently row in fours, doubles and singles, but look to row an eight as our club expands. We have some ergs/indoor rowing machines club members may use.


Crew is a team sport. Boats are successful when everyone rows as one. Together you learn and improve power application and bladework. Crewmates will encourage each other in their goals whether it be row recreationally, stay fit, or race competitively. It is fun to practice and race with this great group of people.

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3. Responsibility


SAFETY of the crew and equipment is the most important responsibility for all members of the SRC. The Willamette River is always dangerous regardless of river level. At times there will be snags, shallow areas, other watercraft, and low visibility. If a member feels unsafe they must let the others know and the crew will work together to avoid any dangers. Novice rowers may not go out on the water without an experienced rower.


The SRC is a non-profit organization run by club members. All members are expected to volunteer in the cleaning and maintainance our rowing shells and equipment. We must take good care of our small, careworn fleet and report any damage that occurs.


For races, all participating rowers must assist with the loading and unloading the trailer. Members are expected to pay membership dues and race fees in a timely manner.

Try it out before you join!


Want to check it out, but don't want to commit to a year membership? New members with previous rowing experience may try it out once for free before paying membership dues.  Learn to Row is a reduced rate from the membership dues as well to determine if you will like it, but still cover the equipment and insurance costs to run the program.