Race Schedule 

Upcoming Races:


Willamette Falls Half Marathon: September 2022, Portland, OR.

Head of the Dog: September 2022, Portland, OR.

Head of the Port: October 2022, Sacramento, CA.

Portland Fall Classic : October 2022, Portland, OR.

2022 Results

USRowing Masters National Championships

August 12-14, 2022 - 1k sprint at Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL.

4th Place    4:06.20    Women's Masters 2x (Heat 1)    Bow #5 (R. Rise/N. Jennings)

2nd Place   3:32.64     Mixed Masters 2x                        Bow #5 (A. Rise/R. Rise)

2nd Place   3:29.98     Men's Masters 2x (Heat 1)          Bow #4 (A. Rise/N. Tramsen)

7th Place    4:03.99    Women's Masters 2x (Final)       Bow #8 (R. Rise/N. Jennings)

4th Place    3:29:09    Men's Masters 2x (Final)             Bow #6 (A. Rise/N. Tramsen)

2nd Place   3:26.28     Mixed Masters 4x                         Bow #2 (R. Rise)

Summer Extravaganza

Saturday, August 6, 2022 - 1k sprint on Green Lake, Seattle, WA.

2nd Place     4:31:92       Men's Novice 4+                           Bow# 5 (N. Tramsen)


2nd Place     4:10:17      Women's Masters 2x                    Bow #8 (R. Rise)

4th Place      4:47.47     Women's Masters 4+                     Bow #7 (N. Jennings)

4th Place      3:31.75      Men's Masters 4+                          Bow #6 (A. Rise)

1st Place       4:00.00    Mixed Open 2x                              Bow #6 (R. Rise)

1st Place       3:42.29      Men's Masters 2x                         Bow #5 (A. Rise)

5th Place      5:10.88     Men's Masters 2x                          Bow #7 (P. Deplewski)

Covered Bridge Regatta

Saturday, April 16, 2022 - 1k sprint on Dexter Lake, Eugene, OR.

8th Place     4:47.91       Men's Masters 4+                           Bow# 6 (N. Jennings)


3rd Place     5:10.06      Women's Masters 2x                      Bow #6 (N. Jennings)

Previous Results

Portland Fall Classic

Sunday, October 29, 2017 - 5k Willamette River in downtown Portland, OR.

9th Place     33:59:92       Men's Masters 4x                           Bow# 219 (H. Gail)

     *Traffic from oncoming motorboats and the Portland Spirit caused waves to swamp the boat and almost shut down our race, but we bailed then finished!

5RowforCure 7-30-2017.jpg
Row for the Cure

Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 1k sprint on Vancouver Lake in Vancouver, WA.

2nd Place     4:50:88       Women's Masters 2x                      Bow# 5  (L. Webb)

3rd Place      5:37:40        Men's Masters 4x                           Bow# 2  (J. Shenai)


Portland Fall Classic

Sunday, October 20, 2016 - 5k Willamette River in downtown Portland, OR.

4th Place     24:24:62       Men's Masters 4x                      Bow# 214  (J. Connelly)


1Greenlake 2016.jpg
Green Lake Regatta Extravaganza

Sunday, August 6, 2016 - 1k Sprint on Green Lake in Seattle, WA.

6th Place     4:42:38       Men's Master 2x                   Bow# 45 (H. Gail)


4th Place     5:10:89       Men's Open 4x                      Bow#  (K. Scott)