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Crew History

This is Salem Rowing Club 2.0


The original Salem Rowing Club was started several decades ago by a bunch of scullers in Salem. They originally stored their boats at a local storage unit, until Western Oregon University agreed to co-fund and co-construct a boathouse in Independence Riverview Park with Salem Rowing Club.

After many years of hard work, the club was dormant for a while with only the remains of an e-mail list, which we still check upon occasion, just in case. 

An opportunity came up to get a free 8 on, so a team member sent out an e-mail to the e-mail list and tried to rally support. The e-mail said something along the lines of, if we can figure out a way to move this boat, store it, and have people to row it, we can have this boat and start a rowing club. Many people came out of the woodwork to make this happen, and then upon discussions of where to put it, one individual said, well we've got a trailer at the boathouse, why don't we just use that. Of course the person who applied for the free boat had no idea about the boathouse, so it was a wonderful surprise when she was shown the building, complete with boats, oars, and other equipment.

Luckily we didn't win the free 8, because someone else needed to get rid of a 4, which better meets the team's needs and is our pride enjoy named the "Sparkle Pony"... that's another story you'll have to join to find out...

We have been rowing together as Salem Rowing Club 2.0 since 2012, and we hope to long into the future.

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Latest projects

We are trying to get a cox box, sell some boats, and accquire sculling oars for our pocock 4.

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