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Experienced Rower Links

Practice Sign Up

This is the link for experienced rowers to sign up for practice. Please e-mail us first to let us know your skill level, then you are welcome to join us. We have 3 levels of practice learn to row lessons, intermediate (anyone who has completed learn to row recently or wants to work on skills including advanced rowers), advanced (participation approved by team board members, usually consists of former college rowers, or masters who have been rowing for an extended amount of time.) 

Sign up for an empty time slot in your level color and change the color of your sign up to port/starboard/either per the color code there. Practice times will vary with daylight and river levels 

E-mail List

We use for team communications. Please sign up below.

Contact Us

Please Contact us before coming to practice so we can  know your experience and plan ahead. Please let us know your years of experience, where you learned to row .

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