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This is for people that don't row as often, or those that chose not to race. Priority boating will be given to those with full membership, but if there is a seat for you, we will try our best to get you rowing as often as possible. You will know ahead of time if there is room. In the summer months, there is almost always room for everyone, it is just near races and in winter when seats may not be available. Racing will only happen with this membership if you are asked to participate by the team to round out numbers. Save processing fee by paying by check at practice.

Non-competitive/Fair weather membership ($9processing fee)

  • Please make sure you have selected the right membership plan before purchasing one. We cannot refund you service fees once the transaction goes through if you select the wrong one as we are charged immediately and there is no option to undo. When in doubt, please e-mail and we can assist you to determine the right option for you, or talk to us at your 1st practice. We can arrange payment on your first day if you are unsure, please bring a check or your phone to pay on the website that day. Once you start a membership, it is non-refundable. The money you have paid does transfer to other membership types and never goes past the price of full membership in a calendar year as defined by ending December 31st. If you do not decide to start your membership, you can get a refund for the price minus service fees, and the cost of printing a check and postage. This will arrive whenever we have time to deal with it via paper check.

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